Rhumanol Pain Oil 60 ml

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Introducing Rhumanol Pain Oil – a soothing and effective solution crafted to provide relief from joint discomfort. With each 10ml application, experience the blend of natural extracts carefully chosen to address your joint-related concerns and offer you comfort.

Experience the Power of Rhumanol Pain Oil:

  • Satvari (0.75g): Embrace the benefits of this traditional botanical extract.
  • Kali Musli (1.25g): Support your joint well-being with this valuable ingredient.
  • Rasna (0.75g): Nourish your joints with the essence of rasna.
  • Surjan Siri (2.25mg): Elevate your comfort with this specialized extract.
  • Mirich (50mg): Provide a soothing touch to your affected areas.
  • Kuth (500mg): Embrace the benefits of this natural ingredient.
  • Pudina Satav (0.5ml): Experience the cooling comfort of pudina extract.
  • Kapoor (0.5ml): Elevate your well-being with the essence of kapoor.
  • Ajwain Satav (0.25ml): Support your joint comfort with this specialized extract.
  • Mustard Oil (4ml): Embrace the traditional nourishment of mustard oil.
  • Til Oil (2ml): Provide a gentle touch of nourishment to your joints.
  • Turpin Oil (1ml): Elevate your comfort with the goodness of turpin oil.
  • Clove Oil (0.25ml): Enjoy the soothing touch of clove oil.
  • Nilgiri Oil (0.25ml): Experience the benefits of nilgiri oil for joint comfort.
  • Light Liquid Paraffin (1.25ml): Nourish your joints with this light, nurturing oil.
  • Ratanjot (100mg): Elevate your well-being with the traditional essence of ratanjot.


Discover the Comfort of Rhumanol Pain Oil: Rhumanol Pain Oil is not just an oil; it’s a comforting touch for your joints. Each ingredient contributes to promoting a soothing and calming experience, providing you with the relief you seek.

Choose Rhumanol Pain Oil for Joint Comfort: Experience the relief you deserve. Order Rhumanol Pain Oil and let its natural goodness help you find comfort in your joint health journey. Elevate your well-being with the embrace of nature’s soothing touch!


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